Europe Dates | edGeCut + diFfuSed beats live | May – June 2014 | Geneva Helsinki Tallinn Munich Vienna Zurich Paide |

Euro-Thumb-small Europe Dates | edGeCut + diFfuSed beats live | May – June 2014 | Geneva Helsinki Tallinn Munich Vienna Zurich Paide | We go for some live performances this year in 2014 to Europe. We are playing live with 3 Corners of the world . Here are the dates in the following

23 May  / La Cabinet / Geneva / edGeCut Live
06 June / Third Space / Helsinki diFfuSed beats + Ish S + Petri Kuljuntausta
07 May  / M Bar – Beat Wave Fest / Helsinki / edGeCut Live + 3corners of the World
09 June / Wabalinna Maja / Paide/  Estonia / edGeCut  Live  + 3Corners of the world
10 June / Kultuurikatla Aed/ Tallinn / Estonia / edGeCut live +  3Corners of the World
12 June / Pvt Loft / MunichdiFfuSed beats live
14 June / Elektrogönner/ ViennadiFfuSed beats + edGeCut
21 June / tba / Zurich / diFfuSed beats and edGeCut live


edGeCut is an electro-acoustic music project by Ish (Sound Reasons) with influences from Indian and western classical, blues and jazz, and approached with an unique electro understanding. These styles are fused together on a bed of contemporary electronica which is used as the primary vehicle for composition. The live set reflects a mix of dub, breaks, drum and bass and psychedelic with sounds borrowed from jazz, Indian classical and electronic music. The live set is based around the aspects of improvisation in electronic music as well as instrumental music. This in-turn reflects the vast array of influences of the compositions that ranges  Jazz to modal and classical music with a very new approach to electronic sounds. Ish has another project called diFfuSed beats with Konrad Bayer and is collaborating with Bass Clarinet Player Hand Koch on a new EP. He also manages and Curates Sound Reasons which is a Record Label and a Festival.

diFfuSed beats is a duo comprising of Konrad Bayer (Munich) and Ish Shehrawat (Delhi) as they engage with sound with both philosophical and de-constructive aesthetics. Their works are synthesized out of sounds, noises and field recordings that were recorded in various locations around the world. They are also performing their material over 6-8 speakers(channels, when available) to give a spatial performance, here the audience is surrounded by speakers as they are usually are seated in the middle to give them an immersive experience of their sounds and music.    diFfuSed beats use a lot of electronic synthesis along with the filed recordings where by re-arranging, re-contextualizing, re-constructing and re-interpreting the sonic material an acoustic topography of the places along with the hidden spaces that constitute the subjective observant self emerges. They try to engage with sound as a philosophical and social reverberant and not just as an aesthetic object. Both sound and electronic music are the main elements in their works and as they pursue it with an expressionist angle in order to reflect on the times we live in.


Inhabited Geometry | Music by Ish S and diFfuSed beats  








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