FINISSAGE | Sound Reasons Festival VI | TUE 20 Nov 2018| Live Performances | Walk Through |


Sound Reasons Festival VI | FINISSAGE | Live Performances | Walk-Through |

TUE, 20 November 2018 | FINISSAGE |
Live Performances | Walk-Through | Talks |
6 pm Onwards

Exhibit Open till Wed, 21 November 2018

MON, 19 Nov – 21 Nov 2018
6 pm onwards



For the second and the third ReINSTALL sessions of the Sound Reasons Festival VI, we have engaged with the possibilities of Sound and its capabilities to make unseen connections, to hold un-assumed narratives and produce curative and creative tensions. While expanding upon the spectrum of the potentiality in Sound, we want to initiate a listening experience using artistic explorations and inter-media intersections.

In these works there is an interplay of text, video, synthesis, sampling, narratives with other creative practices and musique concrete processes. We conduct a curative dialogue with other mediums in which a listener is invited to explore its generative phenomenological possibilities rather than preserve/observe the actuality of the sonic event(s). It is therefore listening into a world, in order to hear what all it could be – to reconsider the frame of current actuality and explore the complexity of its sonic perceptions. This curative iteration is a thin slice of the sonic spectrum that reveals not just itself, but also opens up to newer resonating worlds for a listener, where the aim is to illuminate and generate the dynamically plural possibilities and not to just categorise and preserve it as a soundscape.

Ish S | Oct – Nov 2018

Please check the Sound Reasons website at for more information and updates.

FRI, 16 – 21 November | 6 pm onwards
Walk Throughs
| Immersive Listening Sessions | Talks |
Korean Cultural Center
| New Delhi




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