Ish S composes for Aditi Mangaldas’ Contemporary Dance Recital | Performances at Queen Elizabeth Hall London + NCPA Bombay |


Ish - wrapped Ish Shehrawat (Ish S) composed music for Aditi Mangaldas’ dance recital Within. It was the third time that he composed some music for a contemporary dance recital and a preview of the music can be found here.  He composed the music for the fist part of the dance recital called Knotted. The music had a mixed of both traditional and contemporary electronic music elements and the special amalgamation that pushed the boudaries of arrangements and sound design. The recital  and its music is nicely reviewed  in ‘The Hindu’ at this link

23 & 24 May 2014 / WITHIN / Queen Elizabeth Hall / London / Music by diFfuSed beats + ISh S for a dance recital by Aditi Mangaldas Dance Company


The world premier happened at Kamani Auditorium, New Delhi on 13, 14 and 15 September 2013.Performance in Bombay at NCPA, Jamshed Bhabha Theatre March on 23rd March, 2014 | 

Ish S has composed music for Mandeep Raikhi’s dance recital called Inhabited Geometry  - a preview can be found on this link.  

Here  is the Video Trailer of the performance.  



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