The Swiss doublebass player, composer and digital artist Jasch has been active in electronic and exploratory music, in jazz, contemporary music, performance and installation art as well as writing music for chamber-ensembles, theatre and film. His main focus is on works
combining digital sound and images, abstract graphics and gestural performance in the field of electronic music and in mixed-media projects for the stage and in installations.Jasch has been invited as artist and lecturer to numerous cultural and academic institutions and has presented installations in galleries and performances in clubs and at festivals such as the R#eso- nance Festival in Paris, the Sonar Festival in Barcelona, the Transmediale Festival in Berlin, the Holland Festival in Amsterdam, the Edinburgh Festival, the Singapore Arts Festival and many other venues throughout Europe, North America, Australia and Asia.In addition to his artistic work, Jasch is also an Associate Researcher at the Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology of the Zurich University of the Arts.Traces” is a piece for wearable sensors and electronic sounds. The sounds are captured, shaped,displaced and transformed by the interpretation of traces of movements and gestures in a body-centric space. The performer navigates a mental space where the instrument, with its sounds and transformation processes is layed out. One of the goals of the piece is to explore embodied interaction with an abstract musical instrument through empty-handed and open-air hand and arm movements.  Movements, actions and gestures are perceived as something akin to a sign-language. The signs and gestures evoke dance, music conducting or even martial arts, yet exist in a domain of their own. The palette of sounds comprises exclusively directly captured breathing and vocal sounds transformed and rendered abstract through a variety of processes related to movements and gestures.

The Possibility of an Island (2012) Darmstadt
from jasch on Vimeo.

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