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Jio Shimizu from Japan is installing one of his works With Sound and Lights/Projections. His Installation  will be happening at  The British Council,Kasturba Gandhi Marg. 

Jio Shimizu | 6th November – 12 November | Queens Gallery, British Council, Kasturba Gandhi Marg / Delhi |


Born Tokyo, 1966. Received his MFA in the Graduate School of Art at the Tokyo University of the Arts and is presently based in Saitama. In 1994 he founded WrK with Toshiya Tsunoda and others. He moved to Copenhagen in 2008 as an overseas trainee in receipt of a grant from the Agency for Cultural Affairs, thereafter remaining to live and work until 2010. Some of the major shows he has exhibited at have included “Roppongi Crossing” at Mori Art Museum (Tokyo, 2004), the Busan Biennale 2008 at the Busan Museum of Art (Busan, 2008), and “Simple Interactions. Sound Art From Japan” at the Museum of Contemporary Art Roskilde (Copenhagen, 2011).MISA SHIN GALLERY


SHIMIZU Jio is an artist who magnifies the unique characteristics of sound, light and vibration – elements of the physical world – visually reproducing the physical phenomena he has elicited. From 1994 to 2006, he was a member of the collective WrK with sound artist Toshiya Tsunoda and others with similar approaches, also functioning as a CD label. He creates/presents conceptual works and performances which from day one have maintained the common thread of focusing on the nature of moment-to-moment alterations in events and phenomena over time, and on the vicissitudes of our own attitudes and perceptions in response. In addressing his unique voice to these gestures and fluctuations of the physical world, above all he has endeavored to make the invisible visible for us. In recent years, he has created large-scale installations in museums both domestically and abroad using red and green laser beams, and expanded the very vocabulary of the laser making photographic works in which he creates moiré patterns directly onto photographic paper though the shining of lasers through transparent physical matter such as glass.

Jio Shimizu live at Sound Screening 2012 from Shinkan Tamaki on Vimeo.

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