12 Channel Sound Installation | Not yet at Ease | ISh S | Collaboration | Raqs Media Collective | 28 Sep 2018 – 20 Jan 2019 | Firstsite | Colchester Essex UK |


Ish S has created a 12 channel Sound installation based on Ambisonic in Collaboration with Raqs Media Collective for their works based on South Asian Soldiers fighting for the British Empire during the WW1

Exibhit Open from :
Fri 28 Sept 2018 – Sun 20 Jan 2019
Opening celebration Thu, 27 Sept | 6 – 9pm

Not Yet At Ease explores the history of psychological disorders resulting from conflict and the stigmas attached to them. Using poetry and performance, this immersive artwork is inspired by letters written by soldiers during wartime. The internationally renowned, Delhi-based Raqs Media Collective have based this new work on their theory that the symptoms of ‘shell shock’ were first observed by military censors, who noticed a tendency among some Indian soldiers to break out spontaneously into ‘poetry’ in the letters they wrote from battlefields, barracks and hospitals. Not Yet At Ease gives voice to these words. This major commission reworks letters, photographs and documents dating back to the First World War. Innovative video and sound installations tell the story of the condition known at the time as ‘shell shock’ and considers how attitudes have changed towards those who carry the psychological burdens of war. In doing so, Not Yet At Ease invites visitors to explore interlinked histories of war, poetry and mental health. More info 


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