Robin Meier

Robin Meier is a Swiss artist and composer living in France. His interests lie in the emergence of natural and artificial intelligence and the role of humans in a world of machines. Meier tries to make sense of these questions through musical compositions and installations. Referred to as “Artist of the future” (le Monde), “Vuvuzela of contemporary art” (Liberation) or “pathetic” (Vimeo) his works are shown around the globe, most recently at the Palais de Tokyo and the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, SIGGRAPH in Yokohama, Japan and the Auditorio Nacional de Musica in Madrid.

Robin Meier also works as a freelance musician and computer music designer for IRCAM / Centre Pompidou (Paris), CIRM (Nice), FNM / Staatsoper (Stuttgart), La Muse en Circuit (Paris), Radio France and many others.

The Tragedy of the Commons from Robin Meier on Vimeo.

Truce: Strategies in Post-Apocalyptic Computation from Robin Meier on Vimeo.

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