SONIC SESSIONS | 28 Nov – 06 Dec 2019 | Five Million Incidents | Goethe Institute | New Delhi |


Sound Reasons : Sonic Sessions | Five Million Incidents |

2 sets of installation and One live performance
Presentation/ talks along with directed listening sessions.

Thursday, 28 November | SONIC SESSIONS | 6 PM onwards |
OPENING | CONCERT | Sound Installation | Live Performance
Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan,
3 Kasturba Gandhi Marg , New Delhi

Saturday, 30 November | LISTENING SESSION | 8 PM onwards
Directed Listening Session | Walk through

Tuesday, 3 December |  6 PM onwards ReINSTALL | NEW SOUND INSTALLATION |
Live Multi Channel Concert | Walk through |

Friday, 6 December | 8.30 PM onwards  FINISSAGE | CONCERT |
Sound Installation | Walk through | Live Performance |

These Sonic sessions will be a set of sound installations and live interactive scenarios to engage the audience and the physical space, where through continuous engagement the Sonic experiences and the phenomenological can be derived. This will also present a unique opportunities where newer lines can be drawn so that the curatorial along with the creative can be engaged reflecting truly on the medium of Sound.

One part of the installation will be around the Indian Classical Raga System which will present the installation as a sonic horizon of possibilities of hearing , engaging and inhabiting. It will be presenting some of the aspects of the Indian Raga system as a spatial sonic sculpture. These installations will present heterogenous listening perspectives and some directed listening session will try and engage with these perspectives.

The Sonic Sessions will extend the very idea of an exhibition as an ‘evolving phenomenon’, so that it becomes something that can be experienced and engaged with over a period of time (across days). This will be the focus to create a ‘dynamic sound based space-time’ and this sort of engagement is important in order to truly represent the medium of sound in its contemporary form, where newer lines can be drawn so that the curatorial along with the creative can overlap and the subtle nuances of the Sonic phenomenons can be experienced through engaged listening(s).


LISTENING SESSIONS/ Engagement/ Registerations 

An individual registration process is required to become a part of the listening sessions offered at MMB. Therefore, look into various formats to make the space and installations accessible, especially to students and younger people. More importantly, through Sonic sessions we want to reengage over a number of times with an audience . So these repeat (re)listening processes will form the foci and we will be able to reinitiate a deeper engagements and build up on the phenomenology of sound and its listening perspectives and tune into creative and technical sonic developments as intended by the artist and experience the soundingsalong with other artistic constructs.

‘A day in the Life’ will also take the audience into the history and processes of sound how to listen to the intricacies and draw parallels with music. For Example – through live performances / Presentations , the differences of composition and improvisations and how they are followed in live performances in the indian classical and western music structures. The changes and listening perspectives inside an installation.

Sonic Sessions is realised within the framework of Five Million incidents 2019-2020 supported by Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan in collaboration with Raqs Media Collective | This project is made possible with a grant from India Foundation for the Arts under its Arts Practice Programme, with support from the Sir Ratan Tata Trust (SRTT))


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