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Alchemy | LIVE Sessions |  R
Double Album Release | recorded at the Sound Reasons Festival III |  2014
featuring artists

diFfuSed beats
Thomas Peter
Lars Lundehave Hansen

This album features Senking, diatribe, feldermelder, Lars Lundehave Hansen, diFfuSed beats (Ish S ) and Thomas Peter. The Sound Installations here are created by Ish S and these installations are about listening and the subjective experiences derived. It is a sort of sonic heterotopia wherein various experiences are created which are a part of both the imagination and reality. The sound here is actually created spatially in the listening of it and in its inventions is in the imagination of the listener. Here, the sound develops spatially and its discovery unfolds itself in the present, bringing with it the experiences of sound and listening as an immersive spatial sculpture.

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Ish - wrapped
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