Da Saz

Da-Saz has produced a wide variety of productions over the last few years and their music compositions and sounds are always shifting. Filled with surprises and always out of the ordinary their sound is always fresh and spans the whole spectrum from acoustic to electronic music. The nouveau project is about experimental electronic music composed and performed with analog Synths. The live performance is often accompanied with visuals and performance by the Indian classical Dancer Namrata Pamnani. Da-saz has traveled a long way to find it’s present destination its. There is a big difference in influences sounds and composition from their debut album ‘Jet Lag’ released by Phat Phish Records to the new album ‘Sulphabric’ released in 2012. As Lionel Dentan puts it “I believe in experimentation, trying new ideas… it (the live set) is now formless, shapeless,including just sounds and Ambient tones, floating around, like abstract art… you can decide what you hear or sonically imagine”.

capitan dubrovshnev from DA-SAZ on Vimeo.

Da-saz ,,, with dance…. from DA-SAZ on Vimeo.

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