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diFfuSed beats
Ensemble Mosaik
Ish S
Nene Hatun
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Sound Reasons Festival V

Sound Art Installations

06 – 30 November 2016
Artists :
Zimoun / Ish S + diFfuSed beats
Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum
Byculla / Bombay

Sound Reasons Festival V for Sound Art and electronic music which will take place here in India from 06 November – 21 December with performances and installations in Delhi and Bangalore.

06 – 30 Nov | Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum | Mumbai  | Installations
21 Nov | Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum | Mumbai | Walk Through Installations
26 Nov | Max Muller Bhawan | Delhi | Live Performances
27 Nov | Max Muller Bhawan | Delhi | Live Performances
More dates to be updated soon  


Sound Reason Final Cut 1 from Sound Reasons on Vimeo.

More  dates to be updated soon 

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06 – 30 November  Sound Art Installations at Dr Bhau Dhaji Lad Museum BOMBAY feat Zimoun and Ish S + diFfuSed beats
21 November Artist Walk though for the installations  at Dr Bhau Dhaji Lad Museum BOMBAY by Ish S
26 November Live Performances  Max Muller Bhawan DELHI feat diFfuSed beats & Ensemble Mosaik
27 November Live Performances  Max Muller Bhawan DELHI feat Nene Hatun, edGeCut, Kala and more artists to be announced



Sound Reasons Festival | Sound Installations | Dr Bhau Dhaji Lad Museum | Bombay | 

As a medium, Sound Art encompasses a number of activities and forms, such as sound installations, noise, radio art, experimental electro-acoustic music and music concrete, to name a few. Each of these forms has its own details and depths, and should be analysed according to its own distinct aesthetics. However, the lines dividing them all are often blurred, and their variations can be experienced and appreciated through a continuous engagement over time. The characteristics of continuity and redefinition are complex, yet vital, to positioning Sound Art as a truly post-modern form, and at Sound Reasons the ‘process of creation’ and the ‘subjectivity of the listener’ are the main focus. These aspects of Sound can be heard and experienced though these set of installations at the Sound Reasons Festival V. The works presented here are by definition Sound Art works, they involve quietening in order to listen. They are gentle reminders that when you stop to listen, you hear what you might have missed.

At the Bhau Dhaji Lad Museum we are presenting a set of two sound installations which cover a large spectrum of Sound Art Practices in the contemporary context. Here, the medium of Sound and its processes are the foci and they have been engaged with with and explored with two very different techniques. The sound sculpture exhibited by the Swiss artist Zimoun is a graceful, mechanized work of playful poetry, its structural simplicity opens like an industrial bloom to reveal a complex and intricate series of relationships, an ongoing interplay between the artificial and the organic. It’s an artistic research of simple and elegant systems to generate and study complex behaviors in sound and motion. This Sound Sculpture is created from basic components,using multiples of the same prepared mechanical element to examine the creation and degeneration of patterns. The form of the sculpture develops from the function of its sound production. What you hear is what you see, an electromechanical sound-making organism.

The second installation by Ish S / diFfuSed beats explores a spatial heterotopia wherein an experience is created which is a part of both the imagination and reality. Here, the sound develops spatially and its discovery unfolds itself in the present, bringing with it the experience of sound and listening as a spatial sculpture while having a dialectical exchange in parts with the video. Such listening does not pursue the question of meaning, as a collective, but that of an interpretation which is individual and heterogeneous to the listener. Sound here narrates, outlines and fills and at the same time is ephemeral. Sound is actually created in the listening of it and in its inventions is in the imagination of the listener. The installation also looks into the correlation of the body and space which can be extended via sound as a structure. There are points of departure here from a video / visual perspective to a complete immersive sonic experience. As a point of departure the Video/ Visual can be reinterpreted again in the listening of it and therefore can be extended into an experience of sound as a temporal relationship with the space; not just between things but ‘as a thing itself.’

Sound Sculpture
80 prepared DC Motors, Cotton Balls , Cardboard Boxes


Ish S / diFfused beats
Faulty scales can weigh you correctly / A moth and a room
6 Channel Audio / 1 Channel Video



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