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Ish S | SITTING STILL | Spatial Sound Installation | 6 – 8 Channel Diffused Audio | from Sound Reasons on Vimeo.

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Ish S
Sitting Still – II / Faulty Scales
6 Channel Spatial Sound Installation

These are a set of two sound installations based on spatial listening processes. Here, the sound develops spatially and its discovery unfolds itself in the present, bringing with it the experiences of sound and listening as an immersive spatial sculpture. The audience is encouraged to navigate the sonic space in order to get a heterogeneous perception of sound, time and space created within the installation. This work also juxtaposes a subjective rhythmic layer which spatially evokes the loose and almost organic rhythm of ‘folk music’ from india. When paying close attention the listener can pick up on two, and sometimes three rhythms, these can be heard slightly flowing in and out of synchronicity within the installation space.

These installations are about listening and its subjective nature. They are a sonic heterotopia in  which various experiences are created which are both imagination and reality. Sound, here, is  created in the listening of it while its invention is in the imagination of the listener. The sound  outlines the creative interplay between the objectivity of the sonic phenomenon created and the  subjectivity of the perceptions filtered through individual experience. Imaginary spaces and  narratives can be drawn to trace individual experiences of listening to the sonic works installed  from various points in within the installations. These non-locational perspectives, in turn, initiate deeper  immersive listening experiences while drawing attention to the finer points of sound, its  movements, its progress through spacial form.


A View of Taichishengshui by Ish S as a part of Sonic Horizons at Vadehra Art Gallery, 2018


ISh S – Sound Installation | Multi-Channel Sound installation | Moth and a Room | Faulty scales | from Sound Reasons on Vimeo.


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