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Konrad Bayer is a soundartist and experimental documentarist from Munich / Germany. He hold university degrees in literature and media. The focus of his work lies on field recordings that he weaves into subtle and delicate soundscapes.  Most of his work starts with a simple loop that evolves and changes into more complex structures. Bayer’s influences ranging between musique concrète, various classical music traditions and even german Krautrock of the 1970ies. A lot of his work is based on Brion Gysin’s cut-up philosophy. His recent interest include what Derrida labeled “Hauntology”, sonic archeology and digital folklore. Bayer released on german experimental electronic music labels such as Genesungswerk and the netlabel Autoplate and collaborated with a wide range of visual artists, writers and musicians. Together with the german author Matthias Hirth he made a radio play about getting lost in North Africa, in which he used field recordings gathered in Marrakech. After a residency in Delhi, Bayer together with Ish Shehrawat formed diF (difFused beats), a duo that explores the context of (post-)modern city live and acoustic ecology by the means of soundart and Installations. diF released material on sound reasons and on the belgian netlabel Entity. They did various soundinstallations and held workshops on festivals in London, Delhi, Bombay, Munich and Thessaloniki.


diF – diF.fuSeD beats – In Between Days from ish s on Vimeo.

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