Robert Millis

His golden childhood memory of an attic in a very old house, owned by an aunt, where his family spent summers. Crawling through the dark, creaking, front part of the attic he found another room, bathed in sunlight, with a pile of forgotten books. On top of this pile, as if the books were a throne, sat an old windup gramophone. This memory has informed a lot of his work: the sense of exploration, mystery, the secrets old books and 78rpm records seem to hold in their designs, the scars of their age, their receding sounds and stories.He is one of the founding member of Climax Golden Twins which began life in 1993 as a collaboration between myself and Jeffery Taylor.Under the name Climax Golden Twins or as a solo artist, he has composed soundtracks to long and short films, worked with choreographers, created audio installations, produced and designed audio projects, and released many LPs and CDs on a variety of labels.  He has also made several video documentaries for the Sublime Frequencies label about music from South and South East Asia and published the book Victrola Favorites in 2008.

His live work veers between ambient, sound art, music concrete, horror soundtrack, abstract instrumental, improv, field recording and collage, depending on the phases of the moon and what devices are at hand.

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