Delhi SoundWords | Call for writings on Sounds of Delhi with Salomé Voegelin | Open till Jan 15, 2014 |

Salome-DelhiSoundWord_new Delhi SoundWords is a guest edition of Salomé Voegelin’s regular blog, to be published in connection with the Sound Reasons Festival II. This blog writes the soundscape, sonic events and occurrences of the everyday through listening: working from the heard into words to draw attention to the listening process and how we participate in our acoustic environment. The blog illuminates what a transcription of listening can produce, how it can narrate our surroundings differently, leading to different insights, sensibilities and consequences about the world we live in and how we live in it. 

Artists, audience members participating in Sound Reason Festival as well as all listeners are invited to contribute with blog-entries, to make their listening of Delhi heard. The aim is to provide a different image of the city, one made from the relationships, processes and materials forming below the surface of the visible; to explore the landscape through its sound, to hear it as an environment, a timespace place that does not afford us a vista but grants us access to the mobility of its own production. 

This phonographic project will be presented in London as part of “Points of Listening” a listening project organised by Mark Peter Wright and Salome in conjunction with CRiSAP (Centre for Creative Research in Sound Arts Practice) from 2014 |






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