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diFfuSed beats and edGeCut | live in Europe |
Artists for an Euro Tour | post the release of the double Live session Album |

Our two projects diFfuSed beats and edGeCut will be touring Europe with gigs in Estonia, Malmo, Copenhagen, Geneva, Tallinn, Helsinki and Vienna along with live sets at festivals like Les Digitales and Kukemuru Ambient festival in Estonia. Ish S will also be playing his new live improvised music for guitar in some of the performances. There are also few other dates that are in the pipeline and are under the process of being finlised and we will update you on these soon. This is what it looks like for now

27 June Mahem Copenhagen Denmark
01 July Inter Arts Center Malmo, Sweden
06 Aug Third Space Helsinki Finland
08 Aug Kukemuru Ambient festival Estonia
15 Aug
Les Digitales Festival Lausanne Switzerland
27 Aug Walden Club Heterotopique Geneva Switzerland
30 Aug Les Digitales Festival Neuchâtel Switzerland
21 Aug tba Paris France
09 Sep L’ECURIE à l’Îlot 13 Geneva Switzerland
19 Sep Les Digitales Festival Freiburg Switzerland

 (more dates in Estonia, Helsinki, Paris and Vienna to be announced soon)


New Studio / Residency Space @ Sound Reasons | South Extension – New Delhi |
Sound Reasons Residency and Collaborative projects to be announced soon

The New Sound Reasons Studio and Residency space is almost finished. The Studio is envisioned as a artists space for music and Sound art creation/ production. We are looking forward to initialise this physical base for Sound Reasons via facilitating residences and other creative collaborations for producing music, sound and contemporary art. In the near future we will have 2 operating studios and accommodation space for artists working on collaborative projects and for residencies facilitated by Sound Reasons.

One of the first collaborative activities that will be intitalising the studio includes the production/ mixing of the ‘Sound Reasons Live sessions’ recorded in November 2014 (details below) along with production / composition of music for a contemporary dance recital by Aakash Odera which is choreographed by Aditi Mangaldas and the music is composed by Shubha Mudgal, Aneesh Pardhan and Ish S (Sound Reasons)

 In the near future we will be offering ‘Sound Reasons Residencies’ and collaborative inter-media opportunities at the Studio to artists based upon their goals and creative directions and how their efforts can be projected in synergy with Sound Reasons. More details about these opportunities will be announced soon so please keep a look out for updates on the Sound Reasons homepage.

 The studio space as mentioned above will become fully operational in a couple of months from now and will feature some of the top level level recording facilities and creative tools for the Artists. The mixing studio is already operational as we have already acquired one of the most important addition to the Sound Reasons arsenal , that is, of ‘The Genelec speakers’ as the monitoring System. This is supplemented with an Allen and Heath mixing board plus Neumann and AKG microphones at the recording Studios. More details about the equipment very soon as more additions are also under process as we look into acquiring analog EQs and compressors over the next year.


Sound Reasons – Live Session Double Album | Summer release | Euro Tour |
September 2015 |

The Sound Reasons live sessions to be released in Europe in the Month of September. The Cds will features some of the best artists at Sound Reasons like Senking, feldermelder, Thomas Peter, diatribes, diFfuSed beats, Lars Lundehave Hansen, Ish S and diFfuSed beats. This session was recorded in Delhi during the Sound Reasons III in 2014 in two live takes. We are looking forward to releasing this sessions as a Double CD in september and are looking at Collaborative situations to do sone live performances post the release of the CD. If anyone is interested them please contact and the information is provided at the bottom. You can have a listen to the preview live tape at the following link



 Sound Reasons | Euro Tour | Senking | Grischa Litchenberger | edGeCut | diFfuSed beats |
diartibes | more |

We are also planning a tour after the release in September which will cover some cities like Vienna, Helsinki, Tallinn to name a few. We are also looking for a collaborative effort to make installations and to organize these live gigs in Clubs Venues and Festivals. Sound Reasons is also looking into exhibition and Gallery spaces to make installations and curate a part of Sound Reasons. You can view some of the artists for live performances at the following link



 edGeCut | New Album | November Release |
Here is a preview of edGeCuts album called ‘No Matter / Never Mind’ which he will be releasing in December 2015. This album has a lot of collaborations with a number of other artists and musicians. Some of the compositional material evolves interesting around a very personal interpretation of the Indian tonal and rhythmic system. With the obvious influences of Jazz and contemporary music this is a very open ended album with a unique mix of acoustic and electronic music,

 You can preview the album at




Artist residency for Ish S | Embassy of Foreign Artists | Geneva |
Ish S has been granted a residency at the Embassy of Foreign Artists in Geneva. He will be expanding upon his spatial installation works where he will make 2 works based on concepts of Infinity and its physical manifestation with the Body and as an abstract in the mind. He will be installing some of the works with performances and collaborations with other Video artists and dancers. More details about this residency soon.


Interns and professionals required at Sound Reasons |
Part and Full time | Festival | A&R | Tours |

We at Sound Reasons require professionals to handle planning and organization of the (1) festival and (2) A&R for both in South Asia and Europe region. These opportunity here is to engage at both the Project Management and Artist Management .

We are also looking into opportunities for professional collaborations and for professionals who can produce/ manage that Visual and Sound/ Music content both commercial and creative endeavors at Sound Reasons. Additionally, we have an opportunity for some crew who can take care of the (3) tour management of the Artists under Sound Reasons banner again both in South Asia and European region. We also require 1 persons to handle (4) communications and design for the record label and plan and work on the long term goals for the residencies at Sound Reasons. People interested can write to ish@soundreasons.in

 Ish S

Sound Reasons


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