Inhabited Geometry | Tours Europe | Music by Ish s + diFfuSed beats | April – May 2014 |

IG poster Delhi 2014 Ish S+ diFfuSed beats have composed music for Mandeep Raikhy’s dance recital called Inhabited Geometry.  The Music was produced and mixed at Sound Reasons.The Recital is performed in Delhi/ India on

Wednesday, 16th April 2014, 7.30pm
Kamani Auditorium, Copernicus Marg, New Delhi-01

The Europe dates are 

April 25  | Zurich, Theater Gessnerallee | 20h00
April 27  | Moutier, Salle de Chantemerle |  19h00
April 30  | Vernier, Salle des Fêtes du Lignon |  20h00
May 03  | Bern, Dampfzentrale |  20h00
May 04  | Olten, Kulturzentrum Schützenmatt | 20h15
May 06  | Steckborn, Theater Phoenix |  20h15



In a black and white space, the delicate and clearly defined contours of six dancers engender rapidly flowing movements to create a highly elaborate universe. Inhabited Geometry generates spaces that evoke both home and homeland, but which also make room for individuality, friction and conflict. The multimedia design compresses and layers the choreography using cinematic spaces, allowing the dancers to merge with the transient imagery and engage with the idea of ’home’ simultaneously as a tangible place and a place of dreams. Inspired by Gaston Bachelard’s Poetics of Space, the piece uses Bharatnatyam as a metaphor for architectural spaces waiting to be inhabited!

This is the premiere of the extended version of the original piece which was created in 2010 with the support of Goethe-Institut/ Max Mueller Bhavan. This performance will be followed by a 6-city tour in Switzerland as part of Dance Festival Steps between 25 April- 6 May 2014.

PERFORMANCE Manju SharmaDevaraj ThimmaiahChandana Sarma,Lalit KhatanaRajat Bakshi & Mandeep Raikhy
MUSIC Ish S + diFfuSed beats (Sound Reasons)
PHOTOGRAPHY Desmond Roberts


Here  is the Video Trailer of the performance.  


IG poster Delhi 2014

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IG poster Delhi 2014
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