Thomas Peter

Thomas Peter

Thomas Peter is a musician and composer, based in Zürich, Switzerland. His activities range from composing electro-acoustical music and theatre music, performing improvised music, creating sound installations to realizing and interpreting of live electronic. His main interests lie in the digital form of electronic music and in its adaption as an acoustical content in different spaces.

Thomas Peter is part of many different projects in the broad field between composed and improvised music. He has performed concerts as solo artist and as an interpreter of contemporary music in Europe, Asia, North- and South-America. Thomas Peter studied audiodesign, composition and improvisation at the Hochschule für Musik in Basel, Switzerland.

density #5 - laptop performance for multiple loudspeakers.
Periodic behaviours and cyclic movements in different structural levels characterize the basic concept of my ‘density’ – performance series. Computer generated, slender sounds are mixed and layered to complex textures, arranged in different, alternate and circular motions. Another important concept of my performance is the spatial depth of the sound. Due to the multiple loudspeakers, the sound obtains yet another structural dimension. Hence the overall idea is to sketch different views of an evolving sound sculpture in its different dimensions.

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