Points in Space – II | Spatial Sound Installation @ When Is Space ? | 21 – 23 Jan 2018 | JKK Jaipur |



POINTS IN SPACE – II | When is Space ?

21 – 23 January 2018

Spatial Sound Art Installation | 6 channel Audio
by ISh S and diFfuSed beats

Points in Space – II  is a set of installations created at Sound Reasons by Ish S and diFfused beats over the past 8 years. A couple of the multi-channel works presented here have been created in collaboration with Raqs Media Collective and Vivan Sundaram. These sound installations are based on spatial listening processes and the audience is encouraged to navigate the sonic space in order to get a heterogeneous perception of sound, time and space created within the installation. Here, the sound develops spatially and its discovery unfolds itself in the present, bringing with it the experiences of sound and listening as an immersive spatial sculpture.

These installations are about listening and the subjective experiences derived. It is a sort of sonic heterotopia wherein various experiences are created which are a part of both the imagination and reality. Sound here is actually created spatially in the listening of it and in its inventions is in the imagination of the listener. The sound works presented at Points in Space -I outline the creative interplay between the phenomenological objectivity of the sonic phenomenon created and the subjectivity of the perceptions filtered through individual experiences. Imaginary narratives can be drawn to trace the individual experiences of listening to the sonic works installed from various ‘Points in Space’. These non-locational perspectives in turn initiate deeper immersive listening experiences, while drawing attention to the finer points of sound, its movements, its processes and its form through spatiality.

21 – 23 January 2018
LAWN | installed with the 5 Gardens by Sameer Raut
Jawahar Kala Kendra

The idea of boundary is critical in human understanding of space – we think of space through its form and that form gives space a boundary. This work explores the possibility of making that boundary unstable. The work creates a space with dynamic boundaries.  In this exhibition you may not find drawings and models as representation of architecture and space.

This exhibition is about providing experience of space and it’s explorations. We invited 27 architects and artists to inhabit the Jawahar Kala Kendra and make new spaces.  This exhibition is also about practices – we invited people who have had a continuous exploration of a question and have been experimenting with an idea for a long time over many projects.

It is an effort to bring a moment of their practice here to JKK.  The exhibition draws inspiration from the ideas of Sawai Jai Singh, the astronomer king who established this city of Jaipur and Charles Correa, the architect of JKK. The ideas of these two individuals became the provocation for the architects and artists to respond.


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