Workshops and Presentations | Andy Ghul + Salomé Voegelin + Jasch | 18 and 21 Nov |



18 Nov Mon | Workshop @ Gati Dance Forum, Khirki Extension, Delhi | ’Sounding Bodies – Moving Sounds’ is a workshop for local musicians and dancers, exploring the different possibilities in communication between the two artistic domains through improvisation and the use of interaction technologies. Workshop taken By Angela Stoecklin and Jan Schacher(Jasch) | Contact: | Ph : +91 8447613522 | The performance will be presented at the Sound Reasons Festival at the Alliance Frances de Delhi on 20th November – 7 PM |

21 Nov Wed | 3 pm – 8 pm | Workshop + Presentation/ TalkKHOJ International Artists’ Association, S-17, Khirkee Extension, New Delhi – 110017 | Andy Guhl (3-5 PM) – Cracked Everyday Electronics Workshop, “The Instrument” | Salomé Voegelin (5-7 PM) will present her project  Delhi SoundWords which is a talk about writing  phonography. Everyone is invited to take part in both the sessions. You can read more about Salome’s Soundword project at


In our physical worlds everything consist of waves – light, vibration, electricity, magnet, Sound. Through finding and analyzing these waves we can transform them into new forms – audio or visual – and look behind the surface of the usual. Andy will present his project ‘The Instrument’, used in his audio-visual performances, and consisting of expanded cracked everyday electronics – a painting of lights and sounds coming from wireless micro cans, photo chips, reflectors and refractors and self built light censors. He will then reveal some of the secrets and mysteries behind his technique.Please bring everyday objects or electronics any light and wave magnetic devices, which could also be broken or almost rubbish. There are very familiar codes of how we use and live with these devices – we will break our habits and decode and crack them.


SALOMÉ VOEGELIN would like to invite you to take part in a project of writing the soundscape of Delhi (Delhi SoundWords). Delhi Soundwords forms a guest edition of her regular blog, to be published before during and after Sound Reason 2013. Her blog writes the soundscape, sonic events and occurrences in the everyday acoustic environment, without simply referencing its source but trying to deal with its passing and invisible nature. She is interested in what a transcription of listening can produce, how it can narrate the environment differently, leading to different insights, sensibilities and consequences about the world we live in and how we live in it.

She would like to invite you to contribute with your own blog entries written from listening to Delhi. This can be from any environment you listen in: your home, or hotel room, the studio, the street, on the bus, a conversation, any moment of listening through which you encounter the city, a city some of you know very well and that is new to others. You are encouraged to write only once or everyday, and send these texts to as you go along. The aim is to provide a different image of the place, one made from the relationships, processes and materials forming below the surface of the visible; to explore the landscape through its sound, to hear it as an environment, a timespace place that does not afford us a vista but grants us access to the mobility of its own production.

This phonographic project will be presented in London as part of “Points of Listening” a listening project organised by Mark Peter Wright Salomé Voegelin and in conjunction with CRiSAP (Centre for Creative Research in Sound Arts Practice) from 2014.






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