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Vocative Cartography is a project by Finnish media artist Tapio Mäkeläpresented as part of the Sound Reasons Festival and Sarai Reader: 09: The Exhibition.Using Android phones with Internet connection and GPS, participants can locate sound fields within the city, evoking short narratives and amplifying sounds to become embossed from the urban traffic dominated soundscape.

OPENING 14 November
3-6 PM exploring the surrounding fields of sound in Haus Khaz Village (Tombs, Deer Park, Lake)

6-7 PM brief talk by the Artist Tapio Mäkelä & discussion

The Artist is looking for two modes of participation.

1. Co-creation of sound for the project

- Between Nov 9th-13th focusing on Hauz Khas and nearby regions, also other parts of Delhi

- Between Nov 15-16 focusing on areas in Gurgaon to be reached from the Devi Art Foundation.

I am interested in people who want to consider whether locations have a vocal or sonic identity, and how existing soundscape could be edited and intervened with personal, vocative expressions.

Participation with the artists involves 2-4 hours in your select location of dialogue and recording samples. Please contact the artist: tapio@translocal.net or tel +91 95 8238 4577.

To participate in the co-creation of sound, please read the proposal by the artist below. You should have experience of thinking about sound conceptually, and it is helpful yet not necessary if you also know how to record and edit audio into short 10 sec – 2 minute clips. The artist will edit the sounds into the mobile software. You may also contribute pre-recorded audio as long as you can grant the copyright for its’ use in the context of this project. Each co-creator is credited for their contribution.


2. Walking & listening participants:

Nov 14th – 23rd 2PM-6PM

Sound Reasons at What’s Up Bharat, Hauz Khas Village 1

- Discussion with the artist Nov 14th at 6 PM

- Outdoors exploring of the work is done during daytime

- November 17th the project is presented at Devi Art Foundation, Gurgaon, see below.

Nov 17th 2PM-8PM

Sarai Reader 09: The Exhibition, Devi Art Foundation, Gurgaon

Exploring of Vocative Cartography sound fields near the Devi Art Foundation 2-6 PM

Discussion with the artist 6-8 PM

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Tapio Mäkelä is a media artist, researcher, curator and a cultural producer based in Helsinki, Finland. He works with Marin Association and Translocal to produce art and science residencies, locative art work and games. He is also a visiting lecturer at Medialab, Aalto University.
He was recently  an AHRC Research Fellow with department of Creative Technology, School of Art and Design, University of Salford. Research interests include social and cultural uses of location based media and environmental interaction and information design. Tapio Mäkelä is a former director of Artist Association Muu, and programme chair of ISEA2004.
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