Sound Reasons Festival | Nov- Dec 2012 |

We are organising the Sound Reasons Festival for Sound art and Experimental electronic music in the months of November and December 2012. There are assortment of activities that are spread across the months leading up to the festival in November and some of them will continue into 2013. As a part of a multidisciplinary domain for sound art and experimental electronic music – our objective is to create Installations, Concerts/ Live performances along with workshops across various cities in India so that artists from all over the world can interact, exchange and reflect on their practice. A physical space in the form of a Creative/ Production-based studio will be established so that artists can collaborate and create their works together and create hybrid form of electro-acoustic music and sound installations. This space is envisioned to play an important role in creating a synergy between the artists on a more continuous basis. The virtual extension of the physical studio space in the form of a common website will document important aspects of the creative activities under way and the directions in which the projects are moving.As a result, the focus will be to initiate inter-disciplinary processes through different aesthetic means in India that are used in-turn in the making of ‘Sound Art and Experimental electronic music’. This will lead to a sustained exchange between International and Indian sound artists as well as experimental musicians through productions (CDs/DVDs), installations, workshops and live performances. These collaborations and associations will not only facilitate a number of shared production and performance platforms but will also develop a rich community of artists, composers and musicians who will be able to share their resources and work.
Bernd Schurer | 16  November| OPENING | Exibit 16  November – 20 November | Queens Gallery, British Council, KG Marg | MORE

LIVE DATES7 Nov | Alliance Française de Delhi ( 72, Lodi Estate) – Delhi
9th Nov
Goethe Institut (Max Muller Bhawan)  – Delhi
10th NovJaaga - Kengal Hanumanthaiah Rd, Bangalore |

Bernd Schurer
Petri Kuljuntausta
Tapio Makela
Hans Koch
Budhaditya Chattopadhyay
Konrad Bayer ( 4th world Orchestra | diFfuSed beats)
Timo Soppela
Jan Schacher
Eugene Voronovsky
Robin Meier
Yashas Shetty
Thomas Peter
Robin Storey
Ish Shehrawat (edGeCut )
Ali Monemi
Jatin Vidyarthi (Masta Justy)
Robert Millis
4th World Orchestra
Ryuta K
Dr Nigel Heyler (Sonic Objects)
Dmitry Morozov (::vtol::)
Bernd Schurer | 16  November| OPENING | Exibit 16  November – 20 November | Queens Gallery, British Council, KG Marg | LIVE DATES
7th November | Alliance Française de Delhi , 72, Lodi Estate, Delhi | 7 pm | Wednesday |
Live Performance | Thomas Peter | Jasch | diFfuSed Beats | ISh Shehrawat | Robert Millis | Jasch|9th November| Goethe Institut/ Max Muller Bahwan, Kasturba Gandhi Marg/ Delhi| 7 pm | Friday |
Live Performace | Jasch | Petri Kuljuntausta | Robert Millis | edGeCut | da Saz|10th November | Jaaga, Bombay| Kengal Hanumanthaiah Rd, Bangalore| 7 pm | Saturday |
Thomas Peter | Jasch | diFfuSed Beats | Petri Kuljuntausta | Robert Millis | Masta Justy | Yashas Shetty |______________________________________________________________________________________INSTALLATION DATES
Jio Shimizu | 6th November – 12 November | Queens Gallery, British Council, KG Marg / Delhi |Bernd Schurer | 16  November – 21 November | Queens Gallery, British Council, KG Marg , Delhi |

Dr Nigel Helyer / Sonic Objects | 4th November – 12th November |
Portugal Cultural Center |4, Panchsheel Marg, Chanakya Puri, Delhi|

Robin Meier + Ali Momeni | 6th November – 12 November | Whats up Bharat | 1 Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi |

Tapio Makela | 14 th November – 22 November |Whats up Bahrat – hauz Khas Village + Devi Art Foundation |

diFfuSed Beats | TBA | To be announced |

Other installation to be announced very soon

We need volunteers for the Festival and Artists to work on installations and other creative interventions
Please contact ish (at) Soundreasons (dot) in


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